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COVID-19 Range Policy

Omnibus COVID 19 Range Policies for IPSC Manitoba


Anent to the existing guidelines set forth by the Provincial Government of Manitoba (PGM) through the Provincial Health Office (PHO) for IPSC Manitoba to operate and conduct matches and activities, below listed shall be the official policy and protocols of the IPSC Manitoba while in the conduct of all sanctioned matches and activities.

  • PractiScore registration shall be incorporated with the mandated online screening test, if the result will suggest for a 14 days self quarantine a registering member, he/she shall not proceed in completing the registration;
  • No walk in participants shall be allowed and a pre determined maximum number of participants will be strictly enforced and distributed equally (best effort) to the squads;
  • AM/PM match schedule shall be strictly enforced to limit the number of people per squad group and in the range at a given time;
  • All members are enjoined to exercise due diligence of staying at home and not to participate in any match/activities if they are not feeling well (ie. Suffering from a sort of flu symptoms);
  • During the conduct of the match/activities, all members and participants are required to wear face mask at all times except when on the firing line, they have the option to remove it and put it back after completing the course of fire or activity. All ROs and helpers are required to wear their mask while doing their functions;
  • The Selkirk Handgun Range shall be the official outdoor range venue for all matches/activities while PGM still applies the Phase IV of the protracted opening and operation of all businesses and activities;
  • The Firing Line Gun Club at 439 Turenne St., Winnipeg shall be the official firing range for all indoor matches and related activities. Per understanding with the management, IPSC MB will be allowed to conduct matches/activities provided that the Provincial mandatory number of people allowed indoor (50 people) which shall maintain the required 2meters (6 feet) social distancing within the indoor facility will be strictly enforced. All matches shall not have more than 50 participants and shall be divided into 2 shooting groups of 30 participants (AM/PM). The PM group shall only enter the premises when majority of the AM group have vacated the same;
  • The specific number restrictions of competitors shall be implemented to not more than 9 people per bay consisting of the shooter on deck, the RO and scorer in the front part of the bay, 4 workers past the fixed shooting division barriers while the last shooter and next shooter will be in the area before the barrier. This set up is an assurance that social distancing will be properly observed and that there will be no congestions inside the bays. The lounge and conference room in the Firing Line shall be restricted to 50% of its capacity;
  • Shooting Squads during the conduct of the indoor matches shall rotate in a clockwise movement, the Squad previously shooting in Bay 1 shall use the lounge as spill over area (while maintaining social distancing) until such time that the Squads in Bay 2 and Bay 3 rotates to their respective bays before they can proceed to Bay 3, to prevent crisscrossing of people;
  • The Firing Line lounge and conference room shall be sanitize (at the expense of IPSC Manitoba) after the conduct of the match to assure the health and safety of non IPSC member patrons;
  • These ranges shall have one entry and exit gate for everybody. At the said port, a volunteer member acting as a safety staff of the range shall check the body temperature (using a forehead thermometer) of all people coming in;
  • IPSC MB shall provide a touch less sanitizer dispenser for match/activities used;
  • Everyone are required to maintain 2 meters of social distancing and enjoined not to converged into big groups per PHO requirements;
  • A mandatory sign in sheet for non competitors/visitors shall be available at the Range entrance for tracking purposes;
  • All members are required to bring their own sanitizer for their own preference and used; and,
  • This policy shall be send to the PHO for their information and guidance.

Rey Olazo, SC/Rob Schmidt, VP-Match Coordinator

Nationals Team Selection Policy

Subject: Selection Process for the Nationals Team


  1. To select the most qualified and committed members of IPSC-MB to composed the Nationals Team.
  2. To give every members the opportunity to choose and qualify in the Team of a particular Division


  1. The selection process shall be open to all bonafide members of IPSC-MB;


  1. The scores to be considered shall be matches from January to December of the year prior to the Nationals;


  1. Members who are interested to form part of the Team shall be required to participate in the five (5) of seven (7) pre-identified matches broken down as follows
    1. Two (2) of the three (3) pre-identified indoor and outdoor matches, and
    2. the Provincial Championship as a mandatory match.


  1. The best two (2) scores from the indoor and the outdoor matches together with the score from the Provincials divided by 5 shall form part of the aggregate score which shall determine  the member standing in the selection process;


  1. All outdoor matches shall incorporate equipment checks and chrono;


  1. There shall be two Teams (Gold/Silver) to be formed for every identified Division, the Gold Team members shall be accorded with free Registration Fee and Uniform while the Silver Team shall be provided with uniform;


  1. The Silver Team for every Division shall be the stand by pool wherein which to choose to fill up the required number for the GOLD Team;


  1. Qualified members of the Gold Team shall be required to pay $100.00 deposit to hold their spot which the same shall be refunded upon completion of the match;


  1. In the event that a particular Team Division shall not be able to qualify with at least three (3) members, the same shall not considered for participation in the Nationals however, the National Selection Committee has the option to sponsor a member as individual competitor in a particular Division in cases wherein it is perceived to be beneficial and shall bring honor to IPSC-MB.


New Policy for Firing Line Matches!

See here.

IPSC MB Firing Line Match Policy

Why: To improve match efficiency with limited bays.

Match registration will be split into three morning (8am-noon) and three afternoon (1pm-5pm) squads. Morning shooters will arrive by 8am and help set up bay 3, afternoon squads will tear down. The match director and registration/stats will commit the whole day to ensure consistency.

In the case of lower registration (less than 60 competitors) or a lack of Range Officers, the Match Director may declare the match as full day squads. This decision must be made at least 72 hours (3 days) before the match to allow for competitors to seek a refund if they cannot attend the full day.

The Match Director always reserves the right to move Range Officers and competitors to balance squads and ensure efficiency.

Payment policy: Online registration is required to hold a slot. Registration may be refunded up to 48 hours (2 days) before the match. If payment is not shown on Practiscore, competitors must be able to show proof (email receipt, statement) or pay the premium match fee ($35). In person (late) registration will be charged a $10 premium ($35).

This policy will be reviewed and amended as necessary.

Attention all Members

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