Subject: Selection Process for the Nationals Team


  1. To select the most qualified and committed members of IPSC-MB to composed the Nationals Team.
  2. To give every members the opportunity to choose and qualify in the Team of a particular Division


  1. The selection process shall be open to all bonafide members of IPSC-MB;


  1. The scores to be considered shall be matches from January to December of the year prior to the Nationals;


  1. Members who are interested to form part of the Team shall be required to participate in the five (5) of seven (7) pre-identified matches broken down as follows
    1. Two (2) of the three (3) pre-identified indoor and outdoor matches, and
    2. the Provincial Championship as a mandatory match.


  1. The best two (2) scores from the indoor and the outdoor matches together with the score from the Provincials divided by 5 shall form part of the aggregate score which shall determine  the member standing in the selection process;


  1. All outdoor matches shall incorporate equipment checks and chrono;


  1. There shall be two Teams (Gold/Silver) to be formed for every identified Division, the Gold Team members shall be accorded with free Registration Fee and Uniform while the Silver Team shall be provided with uniform;


  1. The Silver Team for every Division shall be the stand by pool wherein which to choose to fill up the required number for the GOLD Team;


  1. Qualified members of the Gold Team shall be required to pay $100.00 deposit to hold their spot which the same shall be refunded upon completion of the match;


  1. In the event that a particular Team Division shall not be able to qualify with at least three (3) members, the same shall not considered for participation in the Nationals however, the National Selection Committee has the option to sponsor a member as individual competitor in a particular Division in cases wherein it is perceived to be beneficial and shall bring honor to IPSC-MB.