IPSC MB Application



IPSC offers many benefits to its membership and the price of membership is probably less than a couple of boxes of ammunition.

As a member, you will be helping the organization to promote and develop the sport of IPSC shooting.

As a member, you will usually receive a subscription to the national newsletter which will offer information on shooting, match schedules, results, and many other aspects of IPSC competitions.

As a member, you will be eligible to join and to participate in shooting activities at the local, regional, national, and international level.

As a member, you should have an official rule book which details the regulations and scoring systems used in IPSC shooting.

As a member, you will receive support from the National Range Officers Institute (NROI) and the International Range Officers Association (IROA) who conduct clinics to improve shooting and to train Range Officials for competitions.

As a member, you will be a participant in the most dynamic and challenging shooting sport in the World!

To Renew Your IPSC Manitoba Membership

Let your fingers do the walking, by going to our one stop shop store, fill up the on line form and pay the membership fee of $70.00 using your credit card: https://www.ipscmanitoba.com/store/

Pleases note the following guidelines: 

IPSC Manitoba Memberships follow the calendar year

Please allow sufficient time for your Membership Application to be processed before registering for any scheduled IPSC match.

If you have any questions or issues email contact@ipscmanitoba.com